Patent Protection

In today’s world one of the most important rules to bringing a new product into the market is making sure you are adequately protecting and securing your intellectual property (IP). Obtaining protection for your ideas, your trademarks and your copyrightable materials is a first necessary step to obtaining protection. A second, as critical but lesser known step to bringing a product to market is conducting an in-depth analysis of other competitor’s IP and assessing your legal position in this regard.

One Step Sourcing has partnered with a leading New York Intellectual Property Law Firm that houses approximately 40 IP attorney’s with a wide variety of technical and engineering backgrounds ranging from industrial design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, physics, computer software, etc.

Our product development specialists work directly with the legal team to help assure your product(s) are covered and all of your IP questions have been properly and professionally addressed.

Let us use our experience and knowledge in international sourcing to help you grow your business.

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