Supporting Services

Product Development

With many domestic engineers on staff, our qualified team can create CAD drawings, call out manufacturing processes, define materials needed and produce prototype samples. From there, our domestic team works directly with our overseas team to make sure the manufacturing process goes smoothly.

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Graphic Design

The famous expression “you only get one chance to make a first impression” applies just as much to products as it does to people. When it comes to launching a product, an essential but often overlooked facet of the marketing mix is package design.

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Patent Protection

In today’s world one of the most important rules to bringing a new product into the market is making sure you are adequately protecting and securing your intellectual property (IP). Obtaining protection for your ideas, your trademarks and your copyrightable materials is a first, necessary step to obtaining protection.

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Fulfillment & Warehousing

One Step Sourcing (OSS) can make your life even easier by eliminating the hassles of arranging fulfillment/warehousing services. Instead, let us do it for you. OSS offers fulfillment/warehousing solutions designed to fit the needs of small to midsized businesses, large companies, and international corporations alike.

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Retail Placement

Have One Step Sourcing place your product with USA & Canada retailers. You are given only one opportunity to make a strong first impression. Our experienced sales team will represent your product well. Our team has personal connections with each one of the retailers that we present to which allows for efficient placement of your product.

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Financial Assistance

Money, or the lack thereof, should never stop you from being able to produce your product overseas. We have close contacts with companies actively lending money for overseas product manufacturing. With the increased margins attainable in this business, our clients are prime candidates for business loans.

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