Timeline Management

At One Step Sourcing our entire purchasing and sourcing service revolves around what we call Timeline Management. Our timeline management system allows us to provide our customers with real to-the-door delivery dates. The theory behind timeline management is there are many benchmarks (in terms of completion dates) that will need to be met, to guarantee the arrival date of a particular production order. Timeline Management is the process of creating these benchmarks, setting realistic dates for each one and maintaining a strict schedule to ensure all deadlines are met and goods are delivered on time.

Before OSS commits to a final delivery date, we will review all lead times, and put a realistic time allocation for each bench mark. For each order a meeting between the engineering team, factory, purchasing and sourcing departments will be held. At this meeting the timeline will be created ensuring all departments are working in synergy to reach each benchmark and ultimately the final delivery date.

Our completion dates are planned carefully, and we understand that for the final completion date to be met, all benchmark completion dates will need to be met first. This gives all parties involved including our clients a tangible understanding of how we got to our final ship date and the process we took to get there.

Timeline management is the blue print to how One Step Sourcing creates and meets delivery dates.

Five out of ten orders that were shipped out of Asia in 2008 were reported as shipped late (missing completion dates), according to the business Journal. At OSS we recognize the importance of on time delivery and the effect shipping orders late can have on our customers. Being just one day late can lead to 25% discounts, and even worse canceled orders.

Timeline management is a tool that allows our management team to plan, execute and keep all party’s informed with progress, allowing OSS to have a strong on time delivery record. The shipping nightmares that you hear from Asia will not happen on our dime.

With last minute product changes, increase orders or just some bad luck like typhoons, things can go wrong even with the best of planning. With Timeline management you will know early in the stage if bench marks are not hit. There will never be any surprises. You can rest assured that OSS will work overtime to make sure everything in our power is being done to meet our commitments and to make up lost time if necessary.

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