Shipping Logistics

Freight Forwarding

One Step Sourcing will handle your entire freight including clearing product though USA customs. All the paper work and processing is our job. The orders will show up right to your loading dock, it’s as simple as that.

Don’t waste your time on this non-value adding chore.

We are experts when it comes to efficient and cost-effective transportation of your cargo. Handling the plethora of paperwork and logistics involved in the freighting of cargo is a daunting task, and nobody does it better than us.

We have the advantage of high-volume discounts, which we pass along to our clients. If you have less than a full container load, we try to combine orders with our other customers.

We offer the following freight forwarding options:

  • Fast air (about 4 days)
  • Slow air (about 6 days)
  • Fast Boat (25 days)
  • Standard water (31 days)

Customs Clearing

Let OSS freight forwarding department handle all the customs clearing. We will determine duty rates and handle all the documents necessary to ship your order. A complete analysis will be conducted to determine the lowest duty rate possible. Let our staff deal with the headaches, not you!

You hear nightmare stories all the time of orders getting held up for months by USA government, due to inaccurate paper work filing. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN UNDER OUR WATCH.

Your final price will have duties included. This way there are NO surprises as all of your costs are captured.