International Sourcing

One Step Sourcing has 7 countries to chose from and a full team of China agents, Vietnam agents, India agents and Indonesia agents. In 2014 & 2015 the number of sourcing countries will increase. Across these locations we currently have over 250 factories that are proven suppliers across many different industries.

How it Works

Step One
Share Information
You send all pertinent information to our New York corporate office. For example: drawings, samples, photos, etc.

Step Two
Our engineering team evaluates your product and all the information you have sent us. Our goal is to make sure you are properly prepared for international sourcing. If your company and/or product is not ready for international sourcing, OSS can help by…

  1. Creating drawings or modifying existing ones
  2. Developing a prototype here in the states
  3. Field testing units

Step Three
Factory Selection
When the product is ready and your company is prepared to start the sourcing process, OSS will identify two countries that can potentially manufacture you product.

  1. We will assess if one of our proven factories is already set up to manufacture your product.
  2. If the optimal choices include a new factory, OSS will begin with a factory evaluation and audit. Once a factory is approved by our QC staff, and only then, will they be granted permission to price out your product and submit a bid to OSS.

Step Four
OSS will obtain 3 separate factory bids.