Engineering & QC

One Step Sourcing provides complete design and prototyping services for all types of products. Before taking a product overseas for manufacturing it is critical that we are working with the best possible design and concepts. Our highly trained engineering team focuses on product design with manufacturing and final cost in mind. One Step Sourcing has engineers on our team to help you 24/7.

Located in the USA and abroad, our engineering team can respond quickly to your specific needs, and has years of experience manufacturing in Asia. Our engineers can create drawings from existing products or help you design new products using the latest in 3D design and modeling software. We can also help define and perform quality control and testing procedures for your products. We are sensitive to your concerns when importing products and know the importance of material and safety codes.

Engineering Services Provided

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) – By creating three dimensional computer models of components, we are able to produce quality documentation that will be necessary when manufacturing a product.
  • Structural Simulation – Using finite element analysis (FEA) simulation software our design staff can validate that a design will perform as anticipated and reduce costs by optimizing the amount of material required.
  • Thermal Simulation – In electronic designs, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software can be used to predict the not only how hot the components will get in operation, but also simulate air flow and determine the best method for electronics cooling.
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout – Design engineers can create PCB assemblies ranging from simple single layer PCBs to complex, multi-layer assemblies.
  • Prototype Fabrication – Our network of USA based suppliers can create prototypes to evaluate a design before moving into full scale production.
  • Software and Control Systems – We can provide software and electronic control systems using a variety of programming languages and devices.
  • Computer Animation and Photo Rendering – Using photo-realistic image software, Integrity can take CAD models and create realistic imagery of design as well as animations to highlight the features and function of a product. These can be very valuable in conveying the idea of the product, promoting sales, stimulating funding and display on websites and other marketing media.

Areas of Expertise

  • Plastic Molding and Extrusions
  • Stamping and Sheet Metal Design
  • Aluminum Castings and Extrusions
  • Machined and Welded Metals
  • Complex Curved Surfacing Designs
  • Metal and Plastic Assemblies
  • Machine Designs
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout
  • Weather Resistant Enclosures
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Design for Cost Reduction
  • Product Assembly

We work closely with 3rd party testing labs so we can help you perform whatever testing is necessary. Whether it be consumer product testing, material analysis, environmental testing, CPSIA compliancy or meeting the demands of major retailers such as Wal-Mart, HSN, Lowe’s, 7-Eleven, or Federated Department Stores.

Quality Control Services Provided

At One Step Sourcing we put quality first. Quality starts with factory selection and must be controlled throughout delivery. We employ statistical sampling of each product to ensure specifications and tolerances are being held. Our US based engineering team defines the inspection criteria to which the factory must comply. To keep the factories honest we also utilize a select team of product inspectors that are strategically located throughout the globe to oversee production and catch possible issues before any product is shipped.

To maintain the highest level of quality control possible we use several documents. These documents record and define factory audits, product inspection, engineering changes, and supplier corrective actions. We believe in visibility between our clients, ourselves and our factories. These documents are created by One Step Sourcing and signed off by our clients and factories as well. Our clients benefit from the high level of communication we strongly believe in. All engineering and quality control documents will be confidentially kept on record at One Step Sourcing, and always accessible to our clients.

  • Factory Audit – Choosing the right factory for our clients is one of the first and most important steps in assuring quality and conforming product. Before finally choosing a factory we will visit and interview several potential factories. Each factory audit will be recorded and the factory will then be graded. We will only choose the factory with the highest grade to partner with us.
  • Production Inspection – When statistical sampling of production parts is required we will create a product inspection form to define the inspection criteria. This inspection form can then be used by OSS and/or our clients, but first it is used by our overseas inspection team to ensure the product conforms to the specifications on file before it ever leaves the factory. Product inspection is recorded by batch and date and shared openly with our clients. Inspecting the products before they ever leave the factory is the best way to ensure compliant products and the highest quality on every order.
  • Engineering Change Notice – As a product matures it often goes through various design changes. Whether the product is being improved to increase functionality, longevity, or just adding value for the customer, we can communicate these changes to the factory. We issue an ECN, or Engineering Change Notice, to notify the factory that we are requiring a change to the product. Attached to the ECN will often be revised drawings or pictures and a description of the change that needs to be affected. To ensure everybody is on the same page, the ECN’s are signed off and dated by ourselves, our clients and the factory.
  • Corrective Action – In the event the factory does not meet the design specifications and/or requirements, we will issue a corrective action. This document is occasionally used after the first article sample is completed. When producing the first article there is the greatest risk of product non-conformance. After carefully inspecting the product and finding any discrepancies, we will create a corrective action notifying the factory of the error and requesting mandatory compliance to the correct specifications.