Manufacturing Services

International Sourcing

One Step Sourcing has 7 countries to chose from depending on the particular needs each product and company. In 2014 & 2015 the number of sourcing countries will increase. Across these locations we currently have over 250 factories that are proven suppliers across many different industries.

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Engineering & Quality Control

One Step Sourcing provides complete design and prototyping services for all types of products. Before taking a product overseas for manufacturing it is critical that we are working with the best possible design and concepts.

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Timeline Management

At One Step Sourcing our entire purchasing and sourcing service revolves around what we call Timeline Management. Our timeline management system allows us to provide our customers with real to-the-door delivery dates.

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Shipping Logistics

One Step Sourcing will handle your entire freight including clearing product though USA customs. All the paper work and processing is our job. The orders will show up right to your loading dock, it’s as simple as that.

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Let us use our experience and knowledge in international sourcing to help you grow your business.

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