Our Customers

We work with Home Depot
We work with Cabela's
We work with BJ's Wholesale Club
We work with Barneys
We work with Napa Auto Parts
We work with Meijer
We work with Hobby Lobby
We work with Nordstrom
We work with Dylan's Candy Bar
We work with Costco
We work with Sam's Club
We work with Macy's
We work with Dick's Sporting Goods
We work with QVC
We work with HSN
We work with Pepboys Auto
We work with Denny's
We work with 7 Eleven
We work with Lowe's
We work with Walmart
We work with Amazon

Start Ups

New to the market and needing assistance with international factories

We consider this customer to have NO experience with overseas purchasing and sourcing. This customer is leaning on One Step Sourcing with our learning curve, expertise, and infrastructure, to help them. Usually this customer needs more attention, as we are prepared to allocate more resources especially in the beginning stages.

One Step Sourcing will map out a plan including a timeline. We will review the plan together identifying risk levels, lead times, and costs associated with every step. With our strong customer service you will be welcomed into our team. We will make you feel very comfortable every step of the way

Cost Reducers

Switching from domestic supply chain to overseas manufacturing

Having trouble competing in your existing market due to high cost of production? One Step Sourcing can help reduce manufacturing costs… Having trouble selling your product to large retailers such as chain stores, department stores or big box stores (Target and Wal-Mart)? We successfully achieve cost reductions that make these potential larger customers more interested while still allowing you to be profitable!

We help build market share by widening the target customer pool. When your cost decreases the number of potential customers increase.

Many companies face this decision all the time: “Should we look overseas for cost reduction options?”

In many cases the decision to expand is directly related to getting your cost of goods reduced. Using One Step Sourcing creates a stable, low risk option that will introduce you to a new supply chain, while getting your costs down.

Product Enhancers

Adding value to your product without pricing yourself out of the market

Looking to improve existing products? We take advantage of the less expensive labor overseas factories have to offer. This allows our clients to add value with little or no cost to the overall product. Domestic factories just can’t compete with overseas manufacturing, charging extra for every bell and whistle added. With our engineering and QC department team we bring forth the best quality product, with all the value-add extras customers demand.

One Step Sourcing’s engineering team will work with your product development team to make product improvements while keeping your total cost of goods in line.

Adding value to existing products is a huge selling point. Imagine doing this while also getting your cost down… We do this all the time

Experienced Clients

Companies with experience and connections to international factories

We have a full army of sourcing experts and product managers overseas with many years of experience fighting for our clients’ every dime. In many cases we can provide you with additional cost savings to what you have now. More important we take responsibility and accountability to the entire process. Using us will not only provide you with cost reduction options, it reduces the liability and risk factory on every bulk production order.

At OSS, our sourcing team has a bidding process where no less than 3 different factories bid on every product. In most cases we cover more ground quicker, and get more favorable prices than a company can do on its own. Additionally, our team of engineers is responsible for the quality of the product every step of the way.