Frequently Asked Questions

OSS was incorporated in 2010. The CEO of OSS, Michael Greenfield, has been involved with overseas manufacturing since 1992.
OSS has over 50 staff members overseas including QC experts, engineers, sourcing experts, and managers. Domestically, OSS has over 15 employees including engineers, project managers, graphic artists, product developers, designers, sales team, and customer service representatives.
A good starting point for a minimum order is about $20,000. This could change depending on product type, complexity of product, and raw components minimum (MOQs), and factory criteria.
To minimize the risk of overseas manufacturing, four inspections are conducted during the process: one by the factory, one by our engineering team, one by you, and one by a full day inspection team. You along with our engineering team will come up with a punch list of items that you would like met in terms of quality control that will be shared with the factory overseas. OSS makes certain that the factory is aware of your quality standards as well as the standards of the USA. If there is a problem with your production order, OSS will make good on this. We do follow the industry standard of 3% for an acceptable defect rate on most types of products. Anything over this 3% will be OSS’s responsibility to correct.
OSS helps prevent idea theft, most importantly, by having developed a good relationship with the factory. Our staff is able to monitor and police the factory to prevent wrong doings. Additionally, we have the factory sign a Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreement which basically states that the factory will only produce our customers’ goods for our customers.
OSS does not specialize in any one product. Because of the wide range of engineers and QC specialists, we possess a diverse range of experience in many different fields.
Payment is made directly to OSS as it is much safer to send money to a domestic institution as opposed to an overseas bank account.
Some of the final users include: Walmart, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Pep Boys, QVC, HSN, and many other organizations from small to large.
Yes, your product will come fully assembled and retail ready/packaged. OSS will follow your specs, or our graphic art team will help create and design new specs for packaging.
Yes, OSS will manage every step from moving product from the factory right to your doorstep.
We have a full staff of engineers with expertise in every area located in the states. Our engineers are able to provide and create drawings as well as prototypes that are often necessary for overseas manufacturing.
Yes, we offer graphic art services. In particular, our graphic art team is highly experienced in the design of packaging, logos, websites, point of sales, trade show booths, brochures, sell sheets, business cards, and more. Furthermore, our team will speak directly with the overseas factory to communicate what has been created.
Yes, our customers are assigned their own account representative. You may also speak with other OSS team members such as engineers, accountants, and designers.

The simple answer is yes. We would focus in on your better selling items. A small company today with our help is a larger company tomorrow. The ability to grow market share, is directly related to the ability to get manufacturing costs down. Many small companies understand this concept, but are not sure of the correct road to take. With our help your company will now be able to target larger corporations while still making a respectful profit.

A missed deadline due to unrealistic planning is one of the most common issues. More than anything, this hurts new companies as they attempt to step foot into a new world. Here at OSS, we will help you plan time lines and will be responsible to maintain them. You provide us your final date the product must land, and we will create sub time lines/ bench marks for each step of the process. Quality is a close number two. Please review question number seven and our quality page on our website.

One Step Sourcing has partnerships with many different factories in China, Vietnam, Thailand and several other countries We work with factories that are leaders in their industry to provide you with the best possible product quality and price structure. One Step Sourcing has over 300 factories that are pre-approved. Before a factory is approved, they go through a very strong evaluation process, including an in person factory audit. We consider our relationships with these factories strong and view them as partners. OSS does not own equity in any of these 300 suppliers. Only 1 out of 5 factories meet our high standards and get approved by OSS.

One Step Sourcing will work cooperatively with you to define the quality and safety standards required for each product. The country of the end user will dictate the mandatory safety regulations while your company’s current level of quality is met or exceeded. Our quality control department will hold the factory to the highest standards. Our strong systems and procedures provide our team with tools to manage the factories with. At the end of the day OSS takes full accountability and is responsible for the quality on all production orders.

Whether manufacturing overseas or locally, quality can be an issue. One Step Sourcing goes to great lengths to ensure quality is excellent and consistent. It starts with factory selection and continues with first-article, then final-production inspections. We have the experience and are ready to provide you with quality products. To maintain quality levels throughout our relationship with any given factory, we issue each factory a report card where they get graded on important criteria. The majority of the factories that OSS evaluates do not get approved. Doing business with the right factory is one of the most important steps of the entire process.

You can, but it will be more cost effective to benefit from One Step Sourcing’s 25 years of experience in overseas manufacturing. You will not only be benefiting from our experience in manufacturing, but when you use One Step Sourcing you will also have our Engineering, Packaging, Shipping, Purchasing and Financial departments at your service. Don’t waste precious time starting from scratch; One Step Souring already has the experience to move your manufacturing overseas as efficiently as possible. We promise our price, service and quality will not be beat. Having staff on the ground to oversee your interest is critical for achieving optimal quality and hitting timeliness. Let’s do this together, as our overseas staff becomes yours.

OSS takes great pride in establishing long term relationships with all of our clients by building credibility. OSS will produce a first run sample and only upon your approval will production begin. After production begins, statistical sampling of every batch will ensure the product conforms to all specifications. All quality control documents including the factory audits will be confidentially kept on file and only shared with the respective clients. We hold our factories to the highest standards and on our watch we take full accountability. If there are any quality issues One Step Sourcing is 100% accountable, and will have to correct the situation on our dime.

In comparison to domestic manufacturing, you could save as much as 50% or more. If you are presently sourcing overseas, let us give you a free analysis in order to achieve even greater cost reduction. With our staff located in China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia we will provide you with multi factory bids from many origins. In 2013 we will continue to expand our staff as we are now looking into Burma and Pakistan. We feel very confident that you will get the best cost reduction options with One Step Sourcing. Don’t forget that cost reduction is only one area where One Step Sourcing can help.

Yes, this process is called “drop shipping’ and is very common. OSS has extensive resources in the global shipping arena. As an alternative to drop shipping, OSS can take responsibility in bringing your orders from factory direct to your door. OSS is a full service company making the entire process as painless as possible.

We now have a full staff of Engineers, QC experts, sourcing managers, and product managers located in China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We will evaluate your product and learn your company’s objective for it. Then our USA based team will decide what country will be best to develop and manufacture your products.

The Vice President is 6’9” on good day.