About OSS

Over 25 years of experience manufacturing overseas has made One Step Sourcing the premier US based Product Development & sourcing company. Our goal is to help you source your products overseas to improve quality, control timelines and shorten product development cycles. Our strength is South Asia, particularly the China, Malaysia, and Vietnam market.

Purchasing & Timeline Management

One Step Sourcing has 10 offices in 8 different Asian countries. Each location is staffed with Engineers, QC Manager, Sourcing experts and Product Managers. Each staff members have been trained by our USA team. OSS truly offers our customers a global manufacturing base.


One Step Sourcing has over 300 approved factories in our matrix located in 8 different countries and managed by over 50 staff members. We do not let a new factory price out product until they become pre-approved supplier. All of our factories are fully audited by our staff. Over 75% of the factories audited by […]

Engineering & QC

One Step Sourcing has engineers on our team to help your company 24/7. Located in the USA and abroad, our engineering team can respond quickly to your specific needs, and has years of experience manufacturing in Asia. OSS has created and brought to USA market over 200 product, in 10 different industries.

Retail Packaging & Graphic Design Services

The overall look of your product is what the consumer sees when they are shopping.  This is crucial to the success of your product.  Let our graphic art team help create your image.  One Step Sourcing will create the perfect packaging that will lead to brand recognition.


One Step Sourcing is an international sourcing company providing sourcing and other related services to our customers. Read more about benefits that clearly stand out, and separate us from our competition.

Factory Selection

Before a factory is OSS pre-approved, we evaluate them on specially crafted criteria. Read about our factory selection criteria.

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